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Jenna Quinn is the namesake of Jenna’s Law, an author, speaker, and the national spokesperson for Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe. With a master’s degree in communication studies, she is a sought-after speaker who has traveled nationwide, sharing her inspiring story with legislatures, law-enforcement, abuse-prevention groups, schools, communities of faith, and nonprofit organizations for 13 years. She has participated in both local and national radio, television, and news programs, and has dedicated her life to preventing child sexual abuse. Learn about her work at

Extending Jenna's Law to Trafficking Victims

Jenna QuinnJuly 7, 2017
Policy + Advocacy
The first time I walked into a Children’s Advocacy Center, I was a teenager dealing with the aftermath of years of sexual abuse. The CAC helped my family and I understand what happened to me and gave us hope to get through the process of both my healing and the prosecution of my perpetrator and all that happens in between.Naturally, I thought that was where my journey with the CAC would end. But 3 years later, I found myself returning as an int...Continue