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Dr. James Herbert is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Child Protection, at the University of South Australia. Dr Herbert is a social researcher and evaluator focused on the development, implementation, and delivery of effective social programs. In particular his research focuses on the interaction of criminal justice, child protection, and mental health systems in responding to children affected by abuse, and characteristics of successful collaborations across sectors.

What bits do what? An international lens on the complexities of the CAC model

Dr. James HerbertDecember 7, 2017
International Views
In Australia, Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) have been raised as a way to improve responses to child abuse based on the demonstrated benefits of this approach in the United States. However, there are some important differences between jurisdictions in the U.S. and Australia that need to be considered in adapting the approach. For one, many Australian states and territories already have certain elements of the CAC model in place as part of t...Continue