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Dave Betz is NCA’s Coordinator for Strategic Partnerships. He manages the partnerships between our member Centers and the FBI to offer the CAC model for use to help children in federal investigations that happen in local communities. He has served in the CAC movement for decades as a police sergeant charged with directing a government-based CAC in Northern Maryland, and as a law enforcement member of a multidisciplinary team.

Going "All In" While Enforcing the Law

dbetz@nca-online.orgOctober 18, 2016
What does it mean for law enforcement serving at Children’s Advocacy Centers to go “all in”?  This question comes up often when I’m meeting with or presenting to law enforcement officers (LEOs) or multidisciplinary teams (MDTs). We all have our roles in the MDT response to child abuse allegations, but what about going beyond our traditional roles?  What does it truly mean to conduct a collaborative, team investigation?  It...Continue