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Michelle Miller serves as Coordinator of Mental Health Projects at National Children's Alliance. In her 24 years in the field, she has spent 15 years serving as a clinician. She has also served as director of the Butte Child Evaluation Center in Butte, Montana, where she provided both mental health services and forensic interviews for clients. She holds a Ph.D. in psychology and a master's in social work.

On Staying the Course (of Treatment)

Michelle MillerSeptember 27, 2016
Research into Practice
Before I joined the NCA staff, I served as director of a Children’s Advocacy Center, as well as the Director of Behavioral Health for the umbrella agency which was a primary care clinic. As part of my duties to manage the treatment of children suffering from traumatic stress symptoms, I frequently conducted chart audits, and one of the measures looked at the number of therapy sessions clients were receiving—an important measure to consider wh...Continue