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Member Benefits - Helping Prevent Child Abuse

Benefits for NCA members to prevent child abuse

As members of National Children's Alliance, children's advocacy centers are entitled to a wide array of benefits, including professional training to prevent child abuse on all levels and topics concerning investigation of and effective intervention in cases involving allegations of child abuse; national, statewide and local conferences; webinars; technical assistance; management training and resources; opportunities for funding and support; and information and assistance with policy and legislative initiatives and outreach, to name but a few.
But the benefits of becoming a member of NCA reach far beyond the elements listed above. National Children’s Alliance membership provides an array of esoteric and practical benefits to programs and Chapters. 

Overall benefits of NCA membership include:

  • CACs that have met national accreditation standards are recognized as having achieved a level of multidisciplinary collaboration and coordinated service delivery that significantly improves the experience and well being of children who are subject to child abuse intervention.  This provides value and credibility when approaching legislatures, local government bodies, non-profit and community sources for funding support. CACs are seen as experts in child abuse matters and serve to educate the community about the problem of child abuse.
  • Member CACs receive support and incentives to organize on a statewide or regional basis to network, educate partner agency systems, legislatures and local communities on the importance of a coordinated response to child abuse intervention to promote the CAC model and support its growth and sustainability. 
  • Accredited member CACs have the ability to nominate, vote and or serve on the NCA Board of Directors and Board Committees to influence the development of the model, standards for Accreditation and promote visibility at the national level for the important work of local CACs and Chapters.
  • NCA membership provides access to information and resources for program innovation, quality assurance and empirical cumulative data. This provides opportunities for research about the efficacy of the model, program components and outcomes for children served.
  • The CAC model is premised on the benefit of collaboration over parallel process.  As local partner agencies come together to improve their practice through collective effort, CACs within a state or jurisdiction form Chapter organizations which have a larger impact at the state level.  Chapters in turn come together with the national organization to promote and support larger systems change.  Accredited member CACs and Chapters realize this benefit by use of the NCA logo and membership designation.

Practical benefits of NCA membership include:

  • Eligibility for financial support through competitive and non-competitive grant processes in collaboration with USDOJ/OJJDP.
  • Subscription in NCA/trak, a national data collection system developed specifically for CACs. This system provides a state of the art, custom designed and upgraded, competitively priced data collection and reporting system that continues to build a national data archive providing opportunities for research on model efficacy and consumer outcomes.
  • Member forums including the member listserv and member only section of the NCA website is maintained to facilitate communication among programs across the country to exchange information, resources, strategies and collective problem-solving forums. These benefits not only move the field forward but provide education and technical assistance for professionals entering the field on a continuous basis.
  • Member CACs and Chapters benefit from services and activities developed through partnerships created among the National Children’s Alliance, the National Children’s Advocacy Center, the four Regional Child Advocacy Training and Technical Assistance Centers (RCACs), and OJJDP.  These benefits include:
    •  Access to CALio, an electronic library of child abuse related books, periodicals, journals, research papers with search function established by a partnership between National Children’s Advocacy Center and University of Alabama.
    • Access to NCA/n.e.t., a video teleconferencing and webstreaming resource created through the leadership of MRCAC in collaboration with National Children’s Alliance and the four RCACs. This benefit provides current, affordable and frequent training opportunities for CACs and their multidisciplinary partners to access education calls, peer review for forensic medical providers and forensic interviewers as well as MDT Case collaboration calls.

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Member Highlight - Blue Sky Bridge

Blue Sky Bridge eases the emotional trauma children experience during the investigation and prosecution process of a child sexual abuse case. The Center provides a safe, nurturing, child-friendly atmosphere for child victims of sexual abuse and their non-offending family members.


Background Checks

The Growing need for Volunteer Background Checks

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