Staff Directory


Teresa Huizar
Executive Director
Media inquiries, direct here

Kim Day
Deputy Director

Kaylee Robinson
Executive Assistant

Nicole Wilbon
Executive Assistant/Office Manager


Dave Betz
Director of Accreditation

Alyson MacKenzie
Senior Accreditation Associate

Communications & Media Relations    

Blake Warenik
Director of Communications


Bryan Boeskin
Senior Director of Development

Phil York
Development Manager


Crystal Collette
Contract Chief Financial Officer

Debbie Fletcher
Accounting and Finance Assistant

Dayna Scoles
Contract Accountant

Sandy Kloster
Contract CPA

Government Affairs

Denise Edwards
Director of Government Affairs

Will Laird
State Government Affairs Officer

Grants Management

Irina Hein
Director of Grants Management

Asia Atkins
Administrative Assistant for Grants Management

Grants Management

Maureen Fitzgerald
Coordinator of Grants Administration

Dara Cummings Bevington
Senior Program Associate

Angela Brunson
Program Associate

Erica Fraser
Program Associate

Jo Ann Hammond
Program Associate

Shannon Spillman
Program Associate

NCA grantees, please open the service map to find the Program Associate managing your grant. For other grants questions, please contact your Chapter with questions about your grant. 

NCAtrak and Information Services

Jonathan Picklesimer
Coordinator of Information Services

Anette Regalado
NCAtrak Help Desk Analyst

Membership & Chapter Development

Kristie McKenney
Director of Membership & Chapter Development

Sarah Coker-Robinson
Membership Program Associate

Mental Health Projects

Michelle Miller
Project Coordinator, Mental Health

Outcome Measurement System

Kaitlin Lounsbury
Program Evaluation Coordinator