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Below is the information about the grantee guidelines as well as the 2017 required and additional grant forms that you will need to successfully administer your 2017 NCA grant. You can visit this page often throughout the grant year for updates and resources.

National Children’s Alliance funding is available through a cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. In order to comply with guidelines and regulations set by the U.S. Department of Justice, National Children’s Alliance must adhere to the following guidelines and requirements throughout the grant year.

Sample Cooperative Agreement (please refer to Cooperative Agreement emailed individually out to all Chapter contacts) – is the official agreement between the awarded agency and National Children’s Alliance (NCA). It acknowledges that the awarded agency accepts the funding awarded by NCA and will follow all the requirements and abide by all special conditions for the grant year. The CA needs to be submitted to NCA following the Grantee Award Notification (GAM).

After signing this document, please scan it in a .pdf format and save a copy for your files. Go to https://www.grantrequest.com/SID_1093/?SA=AM, log into your account that you have created for your grant application and upload the document. Mailed, faxed or emailed copies would not be accepted.

If you need help or information on having a DUNS number, please download How to Obtain a DUNs Number.

Important: The release of the grant  funds is contingent upon the NCA review and approval of your budget.  After the review of your requested budget, you will be contacted by a Program Associate from NCA providing you with additional information should any amendments be needed.

2017 NCA Grantee Guidelines This document contains information about general NCA guidelines, grant monitoring procedures and deadlines. Please read it carefully before you sign your Cooperative Agreement and start spending your NCA grant.

Using an NCA Grant to Travel 

Allowable/Unallowable Costs 

Change of Contact Information Form (CAC Profile) – If your authorized agency representative’s contact information or organization information changes (ie: contact name, phone, email, etc), please submit the Change of Contact Information Form under the “Change of Contact Form” requirement in your online grant account and notify your Program Associate.

Sub-awardee Forms (for Chapter Tier Grants)

Please see below the sample forms to facilitate your sub-awardee award process for the 2017 award year.

Grant Reporting

Please use these forms to report your grant expenditures:

  • Chapter Fiscal Report (For Tier and Development Grants) Please download this form only for your Report 1. For Report 2, only complete the second tab on the form that was approved and emailed back to you from your NCA Program Associate. Please use this form to report your grant expenditures. Please be advised that your organization needs to provide upon request to the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) additional fiscal documentation demonstrating the expenditures included in the grant reports such as:
    1) Bank statements for personnel, fringe benefits, consultant/contractors, travel, equipment, supplies, & other expenditures;
    2) ACH transactions for personnel expenditures; &
    3) Proof of payment for credit card transactions All requested documentation will be submitted to NCA within five business days.
    All backup fiscal documentation will be kept on file for five years after the closeout of the sub-award grant year.

In regards to the upload and submission of any grant related back up documentation:

In order to assure the protection of your information, please do not include any information that can contribute to an identity theft, such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc. Please black out such information before scanning.

Additional Grant Forms

Supporting Fiscal Documentation– Examples of fiscal documentation to report your grant funds.

Examples of Proof of Payment– This document provides you with screenshots of backup fiscal documentation that serves as proof of payment.

Sample Timesheet– Please feel free to customize the provided sample timesheet if you would like to use it to demonstrate allocation of time, not only for NCA, but for other funders as well.

Chapter Equipment Procedure
Sample Effort Certification
Sample Request for Chapter Training Support
Sample Stipend Announcement 2017
Sample Travel Stipend Agreement 2017

Budget Modification Form for Chapters– If you would like to request a new line item to be included in your grant budget, you need to discuss this request with your Program Associate. However if you wish to request to move more than 10% of the total awarded amount to a new budget category, you need to use the budget modification request form. The ten percent rule applies to the cumulative total of your changes. You can use the form as an assessment tool to determine if your cumulative changes exceed 10%. You can submit up to 2 Budget Modification Requests per grant year but not later than November 30, 2017.

Chapter Grant Year Planner– Please save the date for your annual webinars.

2017 NCA Grants Management Map –  Please download the service map so you can contact the Program Associate for your region.

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