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April 7, 2020
Kids and families need our support in stressful times.


Welcome to April. As I normally do in April, I want to focus on the fact that it is National Child Abuse Awareness Month—but this year, under these extraordinary circumstances, the designation takes on an even greater and more urgent significance. We know that, under the best of circumstances, it is challenging to protect the most vulnerable among us. We know how much coordination, communication, and collaboration it takes among our team m...

January 16, 2019
A photo of three old VHS tapes.

When I sat down to write this post, I had just returned home from visiting a child advocacy center after training their team on a new cloud-based video management solution. The CAC I visited conducts more than 2,000 child forensic interviews per year, and my mind was full with all the ways CACs can benefit from cloud technology. “What are you doing this morning, Mom?” my 9-year-old daughter Gabi asked. I told her that I was going to writ...

September 20, 2018
Child's hands coloring on wooden table


Audio and video Interview Room Recording Systems are features of many Children’s Advocacy Centers. This technology, in tandem with forensic interviewers and best practices from our field, allows for child victims to begin their journey towards justice. These nine questions will help you better understand the install process, optimize your recordings and mitigate anything inside or outside your interview room that could interfere with your ...

February 24, 2017


I’ll never forget the way people used to look at me when I would tell them that we had a successful year at our Children’s Advocacy Center because there was a 25-percent increase in the child sexual abuse cases we saw.  All wide-eyed and somewhat exasperated, their response would sound something like, “More children being abused is considered success?”  Well, not exactly. We were successful because we reached more children....

December 5, 2018
Photo of Susan and Max, hugging.


Every child deserves the chance to live out their full potential, and yet many are robbed of their childhood. The feeling of being alone and helpless is something no child should ever have to go through. As a survivor myself, and now an adult, I felt as though I had turned a blind eye to those who are going through the same thing I experienced. Although it may be hard to look back, I say to you: If you yourself have gone through something si...

December 29, 2017

Personal Narratives

My story didn’t begin with me having a voice. It began in the silence and secrets and shame that so many victims struggle to break free from. And for a long time I felt more broken than healed. It was so easy to see the scars. I still see them. Not as many, not as vivid, but the lines are still there when I look, and there are days they stand out more than others. Being sexually abused throughout my tween and teen years by an adult who had...

September 14, 2017

Policies that Help Kids

A man in my home state of Illinois will spend the next 40 years behind bars as the consequence of sexually abusing his girlfriend’s daughter. The abuse started when she was just three. Sadly, this sort of tragic story is unremarkable in America. But what is remarkable is how the abuse stopped at age seven. The girl broke her silence immediately to teachers after a class presentation on personal body safety. This...

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