V2 Advocate

V2 Advocate is a digital interview recording management system developed for CACs. With its easy-to-use interface that includes one-button Start/Stop, Forensic Interviewers can focus on the victims’ interviews without distraction — yet have peace of mind, knowing that their recordings will be automatically stored and secured after each session.

V2 Advocate records two HD camera views in each room and captures up to five hours of high definition video on one DVD. The recordings can be easily shared with the rest of the MDT via USB, DVD and more. Mobile, single room, multiple room options are available. Popular features include: Real-time Remote Monitoring, Immediate Replay, Annotation, Concurrent Multiple DVD Burning, and the Evidence Locker that stores of thousands of hours of interviews.

Name: Ritchie Curtis

Email: sales@v2advocate.com
Phone: 210-547-2134
Cell: 210-287-5111

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