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Healing, Justice, & Trust 2015

  Healing, Justice, & Trust 2015: How CACs prove (and improve) their work Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) provide children and families with healing and justice in a setting they can trust. We know they do because of more than 50,000 survey responses we collect each year from caregivers and partners. NCA’s Outcome Measurement System (OMS)… Continue Reading

2015 CAC Coverage Maps

The National Children’s Alliance is dedicated to making Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) services available to every child in the country.  To monitor progress on this mission, NCA creates maps each year for all 50 states that depict CAC locations and select details about the areas they cover. To find out more about CAC coverage in… Continue Reading

2015 CAC Statistics

CAC Statistics Below you can find the statistics for the number of children served by CACs for 2015. To learn more, both about the national and regional statistics and about those related to a particular state, please follow the links below. In addition, you can find the most recent full-year statistics, and links to data… Continue Reading

NCA 2015 Annual Report


2021 CAC Statistics

CAC Statistics Children’s Advocacy Centers offer high-quality care to help children heal from the trauma of abuse. Below you can find out more about the work done by NCA’s Member CACs last year: the total number of children served, the types of abuse those children experienced, client demographics, the types of services CACs provided, and… Continue Reading

Mental Health Technical Assistance Materials for 2022

  Mental Health Technical Assistance Materials 2022 Mental Health Training Grants Information 2022 Mental Health Training Grants Overview Slides  AF-CBT Overview  Advanced TF-CBT Training for PSB PSB-CBT TTA Program- NCA Learning Collaborative Informational Guide PSB-CBT Agency Readiness Guide  PSB-CBT Within Agency Training Invitation PSB-CBT-S Learning Collaborative Advanced PCIT for PSB Training Advanced PSB-CBT for Youth… Continue Reading

2021 Leadership Conference Agenda

                                                                      Sunday, June 3, 2021                              3:00 pm – 4:30 pm                       LIVE Virtual Hill Day Prep Session with Q&A Monday, June 7, 2021 9:00 am                                                All prerecorded workshops released 10:00 am – 10:30 am                      LIVE Welcome with Teresa Huizar, NCA Executive Director 10:30 am – 11:30 am                      Concurrent Session One 1A: Reaching the… Continue Reading

Meeting the Needs of Kids in Crisis

Above, left to right: Megan Bryant, Thomas Grieb, Aubree Vance, Annie Harrison, and Alex Brace in the room at Small Talk where, pre-pandemic, the multidisciplinary team would meet.   When the pandemic first prompted a wave of shutdowns across the country, most of us assumed we’d be back in the office before too long. When… Continue Reading

Teleboxes for Telehealth

Above: Dakota CAC Executive Director Paula Condol, MS, LPCC, (seated) and Red River CAC’s Heidi Tupa, MSW, LICSW, (onscreen) demonstrate how the telehealth system works.   Long before the pandemic made telehealth part of the “new normal” for CACs, North Dakota was ahead of the curve. In last year’s Annual Report, we introduced you to Paula… Continue Reading