Chief Executive Officer – open until 10/3/17.

  • Reports to:Board of Directors
  • Manages: An approved staffing level of 16 and, directly, the key functions of 1) partnerships with service providers, 2) fund raising and development, especially with major donors, 3) community awareness and education, 4) agency operations, 5) financial management, 6) staff and organizational development, and 7) accreditation management.
  • Responsible for:Guiding and participating in the development of strategic plans and initiatives, the delivery of programs and services, the enhancement of fundraising and financial management activities, the building and management of relationships with partner organizations, and the development and implementation of community education and awareness initiatives

Planning/Strategy Development – Guide and participate in the development and implementation of strategic and short-term plans and initiatives to guide the organization.Work with the Board and staff in needs assessment and strategic planning activities Program Delivery – Provide oversight and direction to program delivery, including the planning and design of programs and services to meet identified needs.Forge and enhance relationships with partner agencies and community organizations to work cooperatively in needs assessment and associated resource development and implementation.  Organizational Development – Lead and participate in the staffing and development of the organization, recruit and hire key personnel, and provide training and mentoring to the staff.  Initiate actions aimed at building the organization, shaping and enhancing its culture, and developing the talents of employees at all levels.Initiate best practices to improve organizational effectiveness at all levels.Board Relations – Provide support, direction and assistance to the Board of Directors and serve in an advisory capacity at Board and committee meetings.Prepare the agenda for and attend Board meetings.Participate actively in recruiting new Board members, provide orientation and training to new directors, and serve as a source of counsel to the Board on an ongoing basis.Keep the Board apprised of progress, accomplishments and needs/issues.Fund Raising/Development – Plan, lead and participate actively in fundraising activities and initiatives, including those associated with capital campaigns.Prepare and deliver presentations about CAN and its services to community organizations.Build and enhance relationships with major sources of support.Lead the development of new sources of funds, including foundations and legislative sources.Ensure the revenue stream grows in relation to anticipated needs and budget requirements.Manage and participate actively in capital campaigns.Community Relations – Provide leadership in educating and working with the community regarding the vision, objectives and work of CAN and serve as the face of the organization and its primary spokesperson.Develop the marketing and branding strategy to enhance the image and awareness of CAN in the community.Build and maintain relations with area civic organizations, government agencies and foundations.Serve as a compassionate witness for those served by CAN in working with employees, partner organizations, service providers, and the community at large.Financial Management – Manage and participate in financial planning and budgeting, direct the preparation and administration of the annual budget, and oversee the allocation and management of funds.Provide the Board with continuing review and analysis of financial performance in relation to plan and budget. Accreditation – Manage the accreditation process and ensure the agency’s standards and performance remain consistent with accreditation requirements.Develop recommendations for the Board regarding the five-year accreditation processQUALIFICATIONS:1.Education – Bachelor’s degree in Business, Public Administration, Social Science, or a related discipline  Prefer graduate level study or degree in Business, Public Administration, or Organizational Development2    Experience –  At least 12 years of related experience leading up to and including organizational leadership, preferably to include related experience in the non-profit sector

  • Demonstrated track record as an innovative leader
  • Previous experience in leading staff members through subordinate managers
  • Related experience in the development and shaping of strategic plans
  • Related experience in building relationships with major funding sources and growing the revenue stream
  • Experience reporting to or working directly with a Board of Directors – highly desirable
  • Prefer related experience as the leader of a community service organization
  • Related leadership experience in a public service organization in Tulsa – highly desirable

3    Personal Characteristics/Proficiencies

  • Leader – Able to teach, mentor and lead – rather than simply direct – and the capability to be a “servant leader” in attitude and approach.
  • Visionary – Thinking about “the future”, looking for needs and opportunities that may arise, and able to plan strategically.
  • Inquiring Mind – Thinker who seeks understanding and insight, not just information.
  • Passionate – About helping people, investing in them, and about learning and growing.
  • Collaborator – Able to employ the power of collaboration in working with staff, Board, partner agencies, and community resources.
  • Risk Taker – Able to embrace and tackle the difficult challenges – tough minded and determined.
  • Business Acumen – Able to interpret and work with budgets and financial statements – and skilled in managing operational costs.
  • Networking – Proven skill in targeting and initiating relationships with those in positions to support the organization and help achieve its goals.
  • Consensus Builder – Effective spokesperson and consensus builder regarding the organization and its mission, needs and initiatives.
  • Charisma – Ability to inspire confidence, lead others, and capture the attention and interest of diverse groups.
  • Communications Skill – Able public speaker with skill in preparing and delivering presentations to audiences, large and small, as well as in communicating clearly and directly in small-group situations.
  • Emotionally Strong – Able to press on beyond the challenges of the work, especially in leading the team that will be facing them.
  • Empathetic – Able to express understanding and sensitivity for staff and team members.
  • Good Listener – Able to listen to staff and partner agencies with an open mind and an understanding of the “compassion fatigue” associated with their work.
  • Self-Confident – Strong sense of self, while willing to listen and consider the value of other ideas before determining directions and actions.
  • Humble – No ego trips – can take feedback and well-intentioned criticism.
  • Computer Proficiency – Proficient in the of use personal computers, especially for word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications.