Forensic Interviewer

SAFEchild Advocacy Center Child Abuse Evaluation Specialist
25-30 Hours

1. Degree in Social Work, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Public Administration or a related field
2. Training and experience in Child Forensic Interviewing.
3. Administrative, management, and social work experience.
4. No criminal record.
1. Strong clinical, advocacy, human relations, organizational and leadership skills
2. Experience in child maltreatment, crisis intervention, child development, forensic interviewing, the criminal justice system, medical, social work or related areas
3. Human services management and business skills
4. Knowledge of community resources and how to access services
5. Demonstrated ability to successfully collaborate with partnering agencies
6. Independent worker who takes initiative
7. Excellent oral and written communication skills
REPORTS TO: SAFEchild Executive Director
SAFEchild Advocacy Center Program & Medical Coordinator

Duties and Responsibilities of the Position:

Duties and responsibilities include, but may not be limited to the following:
• Interview the investigating professionals regarding the allegations of abuse.
• Conduct evaluations with alleged child victims of sexual abuse and physical abuse and ensure that the evaluation is recorded.
• Interview the child’s caregiver(s) regarding the allegations, the child’s development and behavior, and the family’s psychosocial history.
• Debrief the caregiver, when appropriate, regarding the child’s evaluation and provide recommendations that would benefit the child and family.
• Collaborate with SAFEchild Advocacy Center Medical Team and Child Protective Services to determine what services might be needed.
• Maintain strict standards of confidentiality.
• Document the child’s evaluation, interviews with professionals and caregivers, and recommendations.
• Provide information, including a copy of the CME report and the DVD recording, to the District Attorney’s office and to child protective service workers and/or law enforcement officers who are assigned to investigate the abuse of the victim child.
• Attend multi-disciplinary team staffings and provide information that supports thoughtful decisions in developing the child’s individual service plan to reduce risk of present or future harm to the child victim.
• Be available as a witness in court if subpoenaed.
• Participate in peer review and trainings that comply with standards of accreditation.
• Assist with data entry related to cases as needed.
• Other duties determined by the Executive Director.

Additional Services
• Assists in the continual care and cleaning of the entire facility.
• Assure a professional, safe, comfortable, non-threatening environment at the SAC.
• Fills in for other staff when needed and any other tasks designated by SAFEchild’s Executive Director & the SAFEchild Advocacy Center Program Coordinator.
Please send cover letter and resume to Cristin DeRonja, Executive Director