Center Accreditation Application Process

Accreditation / Re-accreditation package  for CACs

In this section of the NCA website you can access information about applying for accredited membership and re-accreditation with NCA. Please review the NCA Policy on Member Structure.
If you are not currently an accredited member and your organization would like to apply for accreditation, please visit the links below, review the information and contact Accreditation at for further assistance.
If you are currently an accredited member and your center is up for re-accreditation (following the 5 year cycle), the year prior to your scheduled evaluation you will be notified by NCA.  For re-accreditation, members must participate in the re-evaluation process every five years.
Before you start, please follow the link below and carefully read the Instructions:

Additional resources/documents that will help you create and prepare your application:


As you will notice, the forms and documents that you need to provide for accreditation and re-accreditation are the same. However there are some differences in the procedure that are noted in the Instruction document.

ATTENTION: Currently, NCA is requiring an electronic submission of your application. In order to obtain the link for the online submission, please contact

Accreditation decisions may be appealed. Click here for documentation of the process to appeal an accreditation decision.

Accreditation Boot Camp

Attend Online!  Accreditation Boot Camp is self-pacing and available here:  Online Accreditation Boot Camp.