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The Outcome Measurement System (OMS)

The Outcome Measurement System (OMS) is one of the most requested and widely used membership benefits provided by the National Children’s Alliance.  Its success demonstrates the growing need for a unified evaluation system for CACs on an individual, state, and national level.  It provides the opportunity for each individual CAC to not only measure their own performance, but also benchmark themselves against the field.

OMS helps Children’s Advocacy Centers evaluate their programs in order to increase the quality of services provided to children and families and improve the collaborative efforts of multidisciplinary team (MDT) members.  OMS was first developed by the CACs of Texas in 2009 and the National Children’s Alliance adopted the system in 2012 to expand to other states.  By the end of 2015, OMS was used by 580 CACs across all 50 states and two international center locations (Canada and Australia).  Participation continues to grow as new CACs are formed and existing centers embrace the power of shared outcomes.

OMS allows CACs to report on survey items designed to capture two measurable outcomes:

1.The CAC facilitates healing for children and caregivers.

2.The MDT approach results in more collaborative and efficient case investigations.

Two caregiver surveys are utilized to measure the first outcome and one MDT survey is utilized to measure the second outcome.  Caregivers are asked to complete the Initial Visit Caregiver Survey at the end of their first visit to the CAC and then, approximately two months after the first visit, caregivers are asked to complete the Caregiver Follow-Up Survey to provide feedback on their experiences during that time.  The MDT Survey is most often completed twice a year (once every six months), but centers have discretion on this and may administer it more frequently (quarterly) or less frequently (minimum of once a year), depending on the unique needs of their center.

Since 2012, centers across the country have collected over 150,000 surveys for OMS: including almost 90,000 Initial Visit Caregiver Surveys, over 28,000 Caregiver Follow-Up Surveys, and over 33,000 MDT Surveys.  Results of the surveys have been consistently positive, confirming the value of CACs for children, caregivers, multidisciplinary team members, and the wider communities they serve.  However, the surveys also identify potential areas for improvement, allowing the centers to find new ways to meet the needs of their stakeholders.  Check out the 2015 Full National Report or just the Executive Summary.

In July 2014, OMS moved to a state-of-the-art online data collection system, FluidSurveys.  Every participating center has access to their own online account where they can make basic customizations, distribute surveys through email invitations or computers/tablets on-site at the center, and then view responses and create customizable reports with real-time results.  The system also allows centers to filter results to look at select groups or timeframes, as well as benchmark performance against state, regional, and national results. Centers can also request to add extra questions to the surveys to meet funder requirements or explore special issues relevant to the population they serve by contacting for assistance.


Thinking of joining OMS?

All NCA member CACs are eligible to participate in the program.  Best of all, there are no extra fees for OMS and NCA offers training, technical assistance, and any other support your center might need.  Check out this brochure about OMS, then contact your Chapter (each Chapter has a designated person coordinating the project within their state, often the Chapter Director) or contact NCA’s OMS Coordinator at when you are ready to get started.  We can also provide you with more information about the program and copies of the surveys to help you make your decision.


Already participating in OMS?

The online system for OMS is through FluidSurveys, not the main NCA website.  You will only be able to access your center’s online account if you have already signed up to participate.

After signing up, you should have received your center’s log-in email address and password in a start-up email.  If you cannot find this information, contact your Chapter or

Once you have your log-in email address and password for your FluidSurveys account for OMS, use the following link to reach the login page and enter your login information:


Please use the following links to access training materials for OMS:

OMS Documents

OMS Webinars


Thank you for your interest in OMS!  We are excited to provide you with this important tool for your CAC.  These outcomes demonstrate your dedication to serving children in your community and engaging in this national movement.

For questions about the Outcome Measurement System (OMS), please contact:

Kaitlin Lounsbury

OMS Coordinator, National Children’s Alliance

(202) 548-0090 x211