NCAtrak: The Premier Case Management Tool

You asked for more than just case tracking software. You wanted something that would help you track mental health treatments for your clients, keep track of critical case documents, meet the special needs of kids victimized by sexual exploitation, trafficking, or abusive images, and much more.

NCAtrak can do it all. On this page, existing users can access resources, and those who haven’t tried the system yet can learn more.

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NCAtrak is the case management tool of the future, designed just with the needs of CACs in mind. With its dashboard, features for mental health and medical professionals, enhanced taggable and searchable case documents, and state-of-the-art data security features, plus much more, NCAtrak is the right tool to help you serve your clients better.

Training Resources + Community

Need help? NCAtrak users who also have an account on our NCA Engage learning management site can join the NCAtrak Community there to access a wealth of information, news, tips and tricks, and "How-to" instructions. Gain useful knowledge, post questions or comments, and engage with other users as well as your NCAtrak support team.

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