References for Children’s Advocacy Centers: Helping children heal from abuse while holding offenders accountable – National Children’s Alliance Policy Brief iLalayants, M., & Epstein, I. (2005). Evaluating multidisciplinary child abuse and neglect teams: a research agenda. Child Welfare, 84 (4): 433-58. iiKolbo, J. & Strong, E., (1997) Multidisciplinary team approaches to the investigation and resolution …

September 19, 2014

Why Give to the National Children’s Alliance? Together, we can make a difference for child victims of abuse. Children’s Advocacy Centers are at the forefront of tackling this problem, using innovation and collaboration to ensure better results for our children and our communities. But we can’t do it alone – we need your help to …

July 29, 2014

Annual Awards Presented at the 2013 National Children’s Alliance Leadership Conference National Children’s Alliance Washington, D.C. On Monday, June 3, National Children’s Alliance presented seven awards to outstanding leaders and supporters of the Children’s Advocacy Center Movement. These exemplary individuals and organizations have each demonstrated a passion for this important cause through professional, volunteer, personal …

June 10, 2014

Importance of Children’s Advocacy Centers (downloadable PDF of the below document)

May 1, 2014