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Protecting Kids When Everyone Has A Camera

by Drew Fidler, LCSW-C; and Iona Rudisill, LGSW Here’s what you should know about child sexual abuse images and how to protect children from the dangers of the internet. The… Continue Reading

Legislative Advocacy Toolkit for CACs

A Resource for CACs: Legislative Advocacy from A to Z. Use this Legislative Advocacy Toolkit for CACs to build your understanding of the legislative process, find messages that work, and… Continue Reading

OMS Resources for Members

  Healing, Justice, & Trust: How CACs prove (and improve) their work NCA’s Outcome Measurement System (OMS) helps CACs demonstrate their success to funders, lawmakers, and stakeholders, while helping centers… Continue Reading

Addressing Youth and Children with Problematic Sexual Behaviors

Resources for CACs, Partners, and Caregivers In 20-25% of cases handled by Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs), youth or children under age 18 have acted out against another child.1 Research also… Continue Reading

NCA & the FBI

NCA and its Accredited Member Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) entered into a partnership with the FBI in 2015 to ensure that all children who need an evidence-based intervention that helps them… Continue Reading

What Others’ Trauma Leaves Behind

The American Counseling Association’s Traumatology Interest Network (2014) defines vicarious trauma as “the emotional residue from hearing other people’s trauma stories and becoming witness to the pain, fear, and terror… Continue Reading

NCA CEO Teresa Huizar

Teresa Huizar, National Expert on Child Abuse Intervention and Trauma Treatment Teresa Huizar (pron. WEE-zar) is executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based National Children’s Alliance. She has served at every… Continue Reading

2017 Leadership Conference

NCA’s 2017 Leadership Conference, held June 4-7, 2017, in Washington, D.C., aims to provide continuing education, networking opportunities and exposure to innovative programs and ideas for Children’s Advocacy Center leaders. Each… Continue Reading

2015 CAC Coverage Maps

The National Children’s Alliance is dedicated to making Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) services available to every child in the country.  To monitor progress on this mission, NCA creates maps each… Continue Reading

Payment Processing

Payment Processing: Membership Choose your payment type from the list below.  Then enter your member ID and your Invoice ID to ensure proper payment processing.  Click the Pay Now button… Continue Reading