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What bits do what? An international lens on the complexities of the CAC model

In Australia, Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) have been raised as a way to improve responses to child abuse based on the demonstrated benefits of this approach in the United States…. Continue Reading

What Others’ Trauma Leaves Behind

The American Counseling Association’s Traumatology Interest Network (2014) defines vicarious trauma as “the emotional residue from hearing other people’s trauma stories and becoming witness to the pain, fear, and terror… Continue Reading

Snapshot 2017: Advocacy, Efficacy, and Funding in CACs

The most complete look at the CAC movement ever taken. Snapshot 2017: Advocacy, Efficacy, and Funding in CACs is the product of a trove of valuable information provided by hundreds… Continue Reading

An Open Letter to Warriors

At 10 a.m., on July 12, 2016, I was given the chance to use my voice against something that has kept me silent for years. I testified against my grandfather, who… Continue Reading

NCA CEO Teresa Huizar

Teresa Huizar, National Expert on Child Abuse Intervention and Trauma Treatment Teresa Huizar (pron. WEE-zar) is executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based National Children’s Alliance. She has served at every… Continue Reading

On Staying the Course (of Treatment)

Before I joined the NCA staff, I served as director of a Children’s Advocacy Center, as well as the Director of Behavioral Health for the umbrella agency which was a… Continue Reading

Measuring CAC Outcomes

Healing, Justice, & Trust: How CACs prove (and improve) their work Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) provide children and families with healing and justice in a setting they can trust. We… Continue Reading

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National Children’s Alliance Brochures References

References for Evidence-Based Mental Health Treatments for Child Abuse Victims Swiecicki, C. C., Portnoy, E. F., Brown, E. J. (2011, July).  Disseminating Trauma-Specific Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Child Advocacy Centers… Continue Reading

Individual Donors

The donors listed below have consented to being publicly acknowledged here. NCA Benefactor ($2,500+) Mathias H. Heck, Jr. Teresa Huizar Karen J. Meyer Anonymous NCA Guardian ($1,000-$2,499) Olivia Cinquegrana Doug… Continue Reading