New discount available to Accredited and Associate CACs: Up to 25% off evidence-based assessments.

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National Children’s Alliance is pleased to announce that we have partnered with PAR to offer Accredited and Associate CACs a 25% discount on several of its trauma-focused products, and 10% off all additional PAR-published products.

The discount is available from now through May 31, 2021.

Specific items included in the 25% discount are:

Discounts are calculated from listed prices on, and in the case of the screening forms (SF), the discount will be given off of the lowest volume pricing discount tier published. Discounts are offered for both print and digital products, including manuals and PARiConnect, when applicable.

Additional PAR-published materials are also being offered at a 10% discount under this program. For a full catalog of materials, visit

Ordering process

To order, simply contact PAR Customer Support at 1-800-331-8378 or email

When contacting PAR, please mention this message and discount and identify the facility that you are associated with. The PAR representative will verify this information and process your order. PAR provides same-day shipping, and live representatives are available to answer your questions.

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