Proven Results

The Outcome Measurement System (OMS)

Since 2012, hundreds of Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) across the nation have gathered feedback from the families they serve and the multidisciplinary team (MDT) members with whom they partner through the Outcome Measurement Sytem (OMS).  This program helps CACs to ensure they are providing the best possible services to families, team members, and their local communities.  Approximately 635 CACs in all 50 states and 2 international locations have participated in the OMS program to date. 

*The following sample of results are based on 2015 annual national results from OMS.  More information and copies of related reports can be found on our Measuring CAC Outcomes page.

OMS allows CACs to report on survey items designed to capture two measurable outcomes:

1.The CAC facilitates healing for children and caregivers.

2.The MDT approach results in more collaborative and efficient case investigations.

Two caregiver surveys are utilized to measure the first outcome and one MDT survey is utilized to measure the second outcome.  Caregivers are asked to complete the Initial Visit Caregiver Survey at the end of their first visit to the CAC and then, approximately two months after the first visit, caregivers are asked to complete the Caregiver Follow-Up Survey to provide feedback on their experiences during that time.  The MDT Survey is administered approximately once every six months and is distributed to all MDT members, including representatives from law enforcement, prosecution, child protective services, medical providers, mental health clinicians, victim advocates, and other professionals involved in the MDT process.

Since 2012, centers across the country have collected close to 200,000 surveys!  Results of the surveys have been consistently positive, confirming the value of CACs for children, caregivers, multidisciplinary team members, and the wider communities they serve.  However, the surveys also identify potential areas for improvement at local, state, regional, and national levels, giving us the information we need to continue improving the CAC experience for families and teams.


Families Value Children’s Advocacy Centers

Caregiver satisfaction rates are very high: 84.9 to 99.5% of caregivers agree their experiences included the various factors needed to facilitate healing for their children and for themselves.  On average, 95% of caregivers agree with items on the two caregiver surveys.


Multidisciplinary Teams Work Together

MDT satisfaction rates are also exceptionally high: 93.7 to 98.8% of MDT members agree with the various items regarding how well the CAC meets their professional needs for collaboration and efficiency on cases, in turn helping them to better assist the families they serve. Overall, MDT satisfaction averages an impressive 96%.


If you have questions about any of the information above or would like to find out how your CAC can join the OMS program, please contact Kaitlin Lounsbury at