Satellite Membership Application

Satellite Application Process And Fees


Applying for Satellite membership with the National Children’s Alliance is an elective process. Completed applications must include the narrative responses to the three NCA National Standards for Accreditation (Forensic Interview, Victim Advocacy, and Child-Focused Setting), the required attachments, and the application processing fee.

Preparing the Application package:

Prepare all application files in a folder named – State abbreviation, city, organization name. Example: “TN, Gallatin, Ashley’s Place”.

The application folder should include the completed files in the following order ( the names of the files must be as written below)

Please scan the attachments in the order listed in the “C. Application Attachments Table”. Make sure that the name of each file starts with the corresponding number in the attachment table. If the file is too large it may be broken in to two/three while maintaining the order.

Upon the receipt of your application you will be contacted by the Program Associate for Member Services confirming it has been received. Initial feedback and any request for additional documentation and narrative information based on the application review will occur within 30 days of receipt.  At that time, a conference call will be scheduled between NCA representatives and the Satellite management staff, MDT from the Satellite service area, and senior leadership of the Staff and Board from the Host Agency.

Please e-mail your application to the Program Associate for Member Services,


An application fee of $300 is required for Satellite membership.  Dues of $300 are assessed annually.  Please submit your check in the amount of $300 along with the Payment Remittance Form to the following address: National Children’s Alliance, 516 C Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002.


All Satellite Members are required to submit statistical data including the number of children seen, their demographics and services provided every 6 months. All statistical data specific to the Satellite location must be submitted online through NCAtrak. The deadlines for submissions are July 15th and January 15th.


In response to questions from the field in regards to NCA membership categories, specifically the Satellite membership category, NCA conducted a webinar on this topic. In order to view the presentation, please follow the link: Satellite Membership Presentation. In order to view the recording, please email Also, you can view the Satellite Technical Assistance manual here.