Information About Statistics Submission

Semi-annually, NCA collects service statistics from Accredited, Associate/Developing, and Satellite Members.  This data is used to communicate with grantors, legislators, partners, and the community regarding the work performed by the CAC community nationwide.

  • Data for the services rendered between January and June are submitted in July.
  • Data for the services rendered between July and December are submitted in January of the following year.

Data collected is aggregated and displayed on the NCA website at

For non-NCAtrak users detailed information about how to submit statistics is available by clicking the link below:

NCA Statistical Data Submission Instructions

Non-NCAtrak Users

Below is a help video for Manually submitting statistics:

NCAtrak Users

Below is a help video for NCAtrak users to prepare for stats submission:


  • For Current NCAtrak users: Please submit your report through your NCAtrak account.
  • For all other submitters: Please go to using Google Chrome web browser. A username and password will be emailed prior to when stats can be entered.
  • Important: No faxed, mailed or emailed forms will be taken under consideration.

For any questions or help with submitting your statistics please email 

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