Streamers are going live in July to give kids access to the trauma-focused mental health services that they need and deserve. Check them out!

Not every streamer is on this calendar, so make sure you check out our Tiltify page! Times are ET.

KiMCHiMAEK (dates tbd)

Kimchi (he/him) is a former Army interrogator & sysadmin who now works in cybersecurity. He dropped out of game dev college in 2005 before joining the Army. His friends inspired... Continue Reading

gamemistress (dates tbd)


GameMistress/Theresa (she/her) is a retro streamer from Norway. She streams everything on original hardware. She loves animals and has 4 cats who love to join in the stream. Her streams... Continue Reading

Highbury_Hazard (dates tbd)

Highbury Hazard (he/him) X-Com soldier, Washroom Warrior, and variety streamer subordinaire, with heavy inclination towards Classic, Retro, Indie, and Horror games.            

gh05t_girl (dates tbd)


Ghost (she/her) is a shy streamer. She's here to make friends, talk about video games, and create a safe space for LGBT, neurodivergent, people of all backgrounds, disabilities and allies.... Continue Reading

Franisoo (date tbd)


Fran (she/her) loves chatting with the community to help build positive connections and to share experiences with gaming together! She likes to stream JRPGs, retro and cozy titles along with... Continue Reading

Rat707 (dates tbd)


Rat streams retro games from 80s and 90s and host gameshow events.          

Just_Jaynie (dates tbd)


Jaynie (she/her) is a Nintendo variety streamer focused on creating a fun, safe, and positive space for all to feel at home.            

meadow (dates tbd)


Meadow (they/them) invites you to discover an ever-unfolding multiverse of mystery. Leave your ordinary life at the door and be transported into the whimsical and the fantastical. In every version... Continue Reading

CthulhuOracle23 (dates tbd)


Cthulhu's (she/they) stream is a haven for individuals with a connection to the autism spectrum and to raise awareness. It’s also a haven for marginalized voices, lgbtqia+ and more. They... Continue Reading



Eggroll (he/him) loves eggrolls and video games! We're all about big chillin', goofin' around, and having fun, and supporting good causes when possible.          



Dad Joke Enthusiast that loves Dragon Ball, gaming, laughing, and chill vibes.  



Plunge (he/him) does lots of retro shufflers, often playing games chosen by the community and like to chat about nostalgia, rediscovering classics, and exploring obscurity!      



Mikey (he/they) hosts a multiworld/async randomizer channel that does a bit of variety gaming on the side. Shenanigans and chaos are staples, but also a safe space for LGBTQIA+ members.... Continue Reading



Draco (he/him) is a child welfare worker by day, streamer by night. He plays hard games so you don't have to!              



Adobeard (he/him) is a deaf ginger playing mix of cozy games, RPGs, and JRPGs who focuses a lot on Mental Health Awareness and being an escape from the stressors of... Continue Reading



Jiangshi (she/they) is a very chatty, community-focused streamer and cosplayer who loves RPGs and gets invested in characters and stories. Building a community where they uplift one another and learn... Continue Reading



SpaceRobotArm (he/him) focuses on retro video games. His goal is to create the cozy, nostalgic feeling of hanging out on a friend's couch while playing some video games. He strives... Continue Reading



PineappleRetro or Piney (he/him) is a retro variety streamer who focuses on chill vibes, nostalgia, and history. He is a game collector and streams all of his games from original... Continue Reading