Pecos Supports Kids. Will You?

Pecos’s Story

Pecos was raised from a pup to be a facility dog to help people with special needs. Turns out he’s not so great at hard work, but he’s excellent at snuggling. His calm demeanor makes him the perfect facility dog to help kids feel brave while they tell a professional about their abuse at the SafeSpot Childrens Advocacy Center of Fairfax County, Va. Pecos can quietly sit and let kids pet him through sometimes difficult interviews that help law enforcement hold abusers accountable, and help professionals offer the right treatment to help kids recover. And if a special needs kid comes through, Pecos knows just what to do.

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Help Victims Become Survivors

National Children’s Alliance (NCA) helps provide justice and healing to abused kids across America through the nearly 800 Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) nationwide. CACs are child-friendly facilities where law enforcement, child protection, mental health, medical, and other professionals work together to investigate abuse, help children heal, and hold offenders accountable.


Help Us Help Kids


  • 1,336 counties lack access to CAC services
  • That’s 1 in 5 kids in the U.S.
  • About 136,500 kids are abused each year in those areas


  • $2 billion + donated to charities that protect animals each year
  • Less than $500 million donated to charities that protect kids—that’s more than $4:1
  • CACs need about $327 million each year to cover unmet needs

When you give to NCA, you:

  • Improve the response to sexually exploited children and trafficking
  • Support research that helps children and families exposed to violence
  • Help more kids get evidence-based mental health services they need to heal
  • Make sure kids everywhere have access to a CAC when they need it


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