Member Types and Pricing for CACs

NCA offers four different levels of membership for Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs). Each is designed to meet the varying needs of communities and the CACs that serve them, while still offering the same level of outstanding leadership and guidance to all. NCA also offers Accredited membership for State Chapter Organizations serving statewide movements of CACs in all 50 states.

Membership dues are billed annually. Along with the various membership categories designed to meet your unique needs as a member, our annual dues structure considers your operational capacity and the cost to provide services to meet your needs. See how applying for membership will help you increase your impact with exclusive benefits

Find out which membership type is right for you and your community! Explore the membership categories below and follow the links to learn more and apply.

Accredited Membership for Children’s Advocacy Centers

To receive accreditation as a Children’s Advocacy Center, applicants must meet each of the 10 National Standards of Accreditation, ensuring child abuse victims throughout the country receive effective, efficient, and compassionate services. Accredited CACs re-accredit every five years and are eligible to apply for exclusive grants and much more. $600 annual dues.

Associate/Developing Center Membership

Children’s Advocacy Centers that are working toward, but have not yet achieved, implementation of all Standards for Accreditation may be granted Associate/Developing CAC status. This status requires members to apply for Accreditation after five years. $400 annual dues.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is offered to Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs) that are working to improve services for abused children through a collaborative approach to intervention in communities where all resources may not be available to achieve Accreditation at this time, such as rural and frontier communities. $400 annual dues.

Satellite Membership

Satellite Membership is available to child-friendly facilities offering onsite forensic interviews and victim advocacy services under the sponsorship and oversight of an NCA Accredited Children’s Advocacy Center, to better serve a larger geographic area or to provide more convenient services in population centers. $400 annual dues.

Chapter Membership

State Chapter Organizations are member organizations composed of CACs within a given state, similar in structure to NCA but at the state level. Chapters serve as the leading resource within the state for CACs and facilitate a network dedicated to a coordinated and comprehensive response to child abuse. Chapters serve CACs in all 50 states. $850 annual dues.

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