Membership Types

NCA offers four different levels of membership, each designed to meet the individual needs of different local communities and children’s advocacy centers, while still offering the same level of outstanding leadership and guidance to all. NCA also offers accredited membership for Chapter Organizations. See our membership guidelines

Find out which membership type is right for you:


Accredited Membership for Children’s Advocacy Centers

To receive accreditation as a Children’s Advocacy Center, applicants must meet each of the ten Standards for Accreditation. These standards ensure that child abuse victims throughout the country receive effective, efficient and compassionate services.





Associate/Developing Center Membership

Children’s Advocacy Centers that are working toward, but have not yet achieved, implementation of all Standards for Accreditation may be granted Associate/Developing CAC status.





  Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is offered to multidisciplinary teams that are working to improve services for abused children through a collaborative approach to intervention.





Satellite Membership

Satellite Membership is available to child friendly facilities offering onsite forensic interviews and victim advocacy services under the sponsorship and oversight of an NCA Accredited Child Advocacy Center.





Chapter Membership

Chapter organizations are member organizations comprised of CACs within a given state, similar in structure to NCA.  Chapter organizations serve as the leading resource within the state for children’s advocacy centers and facilitate a network dedicated to a coordinated and comprehensive response to child abuse.




Supporting Member/Partner

NCA is a membership organization, whose core members are Child Advocacy Center’s (CACs).  In addition to CACs, there are working groups and multi-disciplinary teams working in the child welfare arena that support and adhere to the general tenets and principles of the Child Advocacy Center model but do not currently meet the more rigorous requirements of NCA’s accreditation-focused membership categories. The Supporting Member/Partner category allows these groups and individuals to remain closely connected to NCA, while also offering some valuable membership benefits.

Finally, although not technically members, we also have many community partners – organizational allies, stakeholders, collaborative agencies and individuals that are interested in supporting and sustaining the important work we do in empowering communities to respond to child abuse. The Supporting Member/Partner category is also a great way for these community partners to engage with and support NCA.