Membership Benefits

Welcome to NCA! Whether you’ve been with us for years, are just coming on board, or are thinking about taking the plunge, let’s make sure NCA is helping you participate in this movement to the fullest.

Here’s how much it pays to be a member of NCA: $2,460 worth, to be exact


Elevate Your Game

NCA member benefits & resources that help improve your practice, from gaining and maintaining the accreditation that speaks to funders and lawmakers, to tools to benchmark your programs, to trainings and programs that help your CAC serve kids better.
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Share Your Expertise

NCA member benefits & resources to build and share knowledge that helps you serve kids better, from exclusive invitations to in-person and online learning and networking opportunities, to opportunities to discuss, connect, and shape the movement through online communities and collaborative workgroups, to discounted and even free registration for select learning events.
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Amplify Your Voice

NCA member benefits & resources to help build your brand and outreach, from customizable shared resources for public awareness and marketing your CAC’s work, to a national platform to establish yourself as a thought leader before the entire movement, to expert help with the toughest communications challenges.
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Increase Your Impact

NCA member benefits to help you get the resources kids need and promote the policies they deserve, from eligibility for exclusive funding opportunities, to advocacy tools and custom legislative strategy support, to partnerships with the agencies and experts that matter to CACs and kids.
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