NCA Collaborative Work Groups

As part of the National Children’s Alliance ongoing work to develop helpful tools and guidance to CACs on best practices, we have developed a collaborative workgroup structure to develop new products and trainings. Collaborative work groups (CWG) have self-selected membership CACs, Chapters or Regional leaders as well as other content experts who have an interest in participating.

NCA has found that the CWG process provides transparency, inclusion, and identifies expertise with in the movement from all over the country. We truly appreciate the number of hours our volunteer members and partners have provided to develop excellent guidance documents, tool kits, video series, and webinars.

If you would like to sign up for one of CWGs, please identify a topic of interest below and click to join.


Youth with Problematic Sexual Behaviors

This CWG creates resources for CACs to respond to youth in their own programs, but also in their advocacy efforts on behalf of these children and their families. Evidence has shown that there are services and there is hope for children experiencing sexual behavior problems.

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC)

This CWG creates materials that provide guidance to CACs in expanding and improving evidence-based services to victims of Child Pornography and Exploitation.

Physical Abuse

This CWG is co-chaired by, and includes participation from, child abuse pediatricians, CACs, and Regional CACs. They are tasked with expanding evidence-based services to victims of physical abuse.

Public Policy

The NCA Government Affairs’ Department expands its efforts to collaborate with the CAC movement through the work of this CWG. They focus on public policy at the federal, state and local levels by identifying, analyzing and drafting public policy strategies and materials.

Accreditation Resources for Members

The Shine Campaign is a three-year project of coordinated messaging of the SHINE public awareness campaign to transform the national conversation around child abuse, elevate survivors, and provide hope through CACs. This group works at all levels to plan, develop, launch, and support the ongoing SHINE Campaign project through the CACs where they serve.

Urban CACs

Every year the Urban CAC CWG, made up of Urban CAC Executive Directors, plans the NCA Urban Forum. The Forum is designed to address the unique needs of Urban Centers while also utilizing the leadership and membership functions at NCA to disseminate those practices and meet the goals of the national strategic plan.

State Chapters

This CWG, made up of NCA State Chapter leaders, develops tools and trainings to meet the needs Chapter staff and their Boards of Directors.