Legislative Advocacy For CACs

NCA member benefits & resources that help improve your practice, from gaining and maintaining the accreditation that speaks to funders and lawmakers, to tools to benchmark your programs, to trainings and programs that help your CAC serve kids better.

Our positions

As child abuse experts, as well as the national voice for CACs in Washington, NCA champions the CAC message in the halls of Congress. Learn more about our position on specific bills that affect kids.

For lawmakers

NCA consistently educates, supports, and partners with lawmakers to help inform them on the CAC model, as well best practices in addressing child abuse. For additional information on CACs and their impact on local communities:

About CACs

Evidence shows that the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) model greatly improves outcomes for children and families that have experienced abuse. National Children’s Alliance is dedicated to ensuring that every child has access to CAC services.  To monitor progress in this mission, NCA creates maps depicting CAC locations and coverage areas.

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