Our Streamer Ambassadors

NCA Streamer Ambassadors are content creators who have shown a passion for NCA’s mission and the CAC movement. They show an earnest desire to spread awareness to their communities while hosting charity events that are high quality and engaging. Ambassadors reflect NCA’s core values (integrity, results-oriented, teamwork, excellence, inclusion) in their content creation and social media presence.

Bradderfield (he/him)

Bradder is a variety streamer, announcer, voice actor, and speed runner. He loves running crowd control to raise money for a good cause. Fun Fact: Bradder has fundraised for every NCA event so far.

Lanieloveee (she/her)

Lanie is a variety streamer, licensed therapist, anime fanatic, and dad joke connoisseur. As the event manager for the stream team, Sistas of the Fog, Lanie loves rallying others to make change.

Meganhertz (she/her)

Megan is a community-focused, chatty, RPG streamer, game collector, and lover of STEM. She welcomes conversations on mental health, and enjoys organizing events to uplift powerful messages.

FitnessToCosplay (she/her)

Ash is an aceflux lesbian VTuber and founder of The Melanin Mafia. True to her name--she loves fitness, cosplaying, but most of all, charity!

dzpg1 (he/him)

DZ loves memes, reviewing Nintendo amiibos, and Garfield. With a history of teaching, DZ is passionate about helping kids and spreading awareness!

Jiangshi (she/they)

Elise is an AuDHD, chatty, variety streamer and cosplayer. Building community and uplifting others is her number one priority on her platform.

NCA Streamer Ambassador Program

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What is Your Commitment?

  • Participate in at least one NCA-hosted fundraising event or develop an ambassador-led event during any other time of the year
  • Engage with NCA’s Twitter social media at least once during all appeals
  • Recruit at least 2 new streamers to fundraise for NCA on their own Twitch channels

What is NCA’s Commitment?

  • Promote your stream on NCA’s social media platforms
  • Features in our annual report and website
  • An exclusive NCA-Ambassador Badge to show off on your Twitch profile
  • Opportunities to be invited to NCA events and/or events NCA will be attending
  • Budgets are available to support ambassador-led events

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