Affiliate Membership Requirements

Affiliate Members

Affiliate membership is offered to multidisciplinary teams that are working to improve services for abused children through a collaborative approach to intervention. An Affiliate member must provide documentation of the following:

  • a functioning MDT with representation from Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services, and Prosecution. ( NCA strongly encourages the representation and participation of all disciplines, including Medical, Mental Health and Victim Advocacy);
  • a signed interagency agreement and MDT protocols;
  • a letter of recommendation from the Chapter in their jurisdiction (if applicable);
  • MDT case review which is conducted on a regularly scheduled basis, and attended by all MDT representative disciplines;
  • child forensic interviews are conducted in a neutral and child-focused setting.

Affiliate membership is maintained by remaining current with:

  • payment of annual dues;
  • annual documentation of forensic interviewing process and ongoing MDT case review. ”

Please review the NCA Policy on Member Structure.