About Associate/Developing Membership

Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) that are working toward, but have not yet achieved, implementation of all Standards for Accreditation may be granted Associate/Developing CAC status. This status requires members to apply for Accreditation after five years. Annual dues for Associate/Developing Centers are $400 and can be paid here.

What is an Associate/Developing CAC?

An Associate or Developing CAC within NCA’s membership is a Children’s Advocacy Center that is working toward and expects to achieve Accreditation with NCA within the next five years, offering services that come to meet or exceed NCA’s ten National Standards of Accreditation as the agency approaches its time to apply for (and achieve) Accreditation. NCA, State Chapters, and other institutions provide resources to these centers to help them

Associate/Developing Member Requirements

Children’s Advocacy Centers that are working toward but have not yet achieved implementation of all standards for accreditation may be granted Associate/Developing CAC status. An Associate/Developing CACs must provide documentation of the following requirements:

National Children's Alliance Associate/Developing Center Member Badge
Associate/Developing Member CACs may use this Badge to show their affiliation to the national CAC movement. Contact our membership team to get yours!
  • a functioning MDT with representation from Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services, Prosecution, Medical, Mental Health and Victim Advocacy;
  • a signed interagency agreement and MDT protocols;
  • a facility designated for interviews of children;
  • working toward implementing all standards for Accreditation;
  • MDT case review which is conducted on a regularly scheduled basis, and attended by all MDT representative disciplines;
  • a letter of recommendation from the Chapter in their jurisdiction (if applicable);

Associate/Developing membership is maintained by remaining current with:

  • payment of annual dues;
  • statistics submission to NCA on numbers of children served and designated data report categories.

An Associate/ Developing CAC can remain in that status for a period of five years at which time they must achieve accredited status or choose to apply for another level of membership with NCA.


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