Child and Family Advocate

Title                 SAFEchild Advocacy Center Child and Family Advocate

Reports to       SAFEchild’s Executive Director and SAC Program Coordinator

Nature of Work 

The Child and Family Advocate provides outreach and support for the alleged child victims of abuse and their families and works as part of a multi-disciplinary team.  This position requires someone who is committed to the mission of SAFEchild and who is willing to work flexible hours.  This is a part-time position working under the direction and supervision of SAFEchild’s Executive Director and the SAFEchild Advocacy Center Program & Medical Coordinator.  


  • A bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, criminal justice or related field is required.  A Master’s degree in Social Work or Counseling is preferred. 

· Knowledge and understanding of child abuse, family violence, and substance abuse.

· Understanding of the criminal justice (including court processes) and the child welfare system.

· Knowledge of community resources.

· Solid computer skills including Microsoft Word and Excel.

Work Experience

  • A minimum of two years of professional experience working with children and families where abuse and violence are identified issues.  
  • Previous professional experience in working with the criminal justice or child welfare system and as a member of a multi-disciplinary team is preferred.


Direct Services to Children and Families 

· Conducts a phone call to the non-offending caregivers prior to the Child Medical Evaluation to answer questions and provide information about what to expect during their visit to the SAFEchild Advocacy Center.

· Provides on-site advocacy and support to the alleged child victims of abuse and appropriate caregivers while the Child Medical Evaluation is being conducted at the SAFEchild Advocacy Center, including explanation of services, providing a tour of the center, helping the child and family feel comfortable, and providing recommendations for mental health treatment options.

· Listens to the needs and concerns of the alleged child victims of abuse and non-offending caregivers and suggests/provides resources and information such as referrals and information to mental health providers in the community.

· Contacts the appropriate caregivers no more than two weeks after the Child Medical Evaluation to determine how they are continuing to cope and provide assistance as needed.  

· Provides active and ongoing support to the alleged child victim of abuse and caregivers including follow up phone calls post MDT case review meetings.

· Works closely with other members of the team including law enforcement, child protective services, behavioral health, and medical providers, as well as the prosecuting attorney in order to stay current on the investigation and prosecution of the case and share any concerns or needs of the alleged child victim and family members.

· Participates in Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings. 

· Supports the alleged child victim and appropriate caregivers by attending criminal and/or juvenile court hearings, when applicable, to support and comfort the child and family. 

· Continually updates informational packets on referral agencies and identifies additional materials that might be helpful to families. 

· Assists with taking children’s vitals and chaperones the medical exam when needed.  

· Helps with sending specimens to the lab for testing when needed.

· Assists with scheduling CME appointments and data entry as needed.

Community Awareness

· Promotes a positive image of SAFEchild in the community and participates in agency special events and fundraising efforts.

· Provide tours of the SAFEchild Advocacy Center and community presentations on the role of the SAFEchild Advocacy Center.

· Works with volunteers at the SAFEchild Advocacy Center.

Additional Services

· Assists in the continual care of the center, including cleaning, trash, and any other responsibilities needed.

· Any other tasks designated by SAFEchild’s Executive Director and SAFEchild Advocacy Center Program & Medical Coordinator. 

Please send cover letter and resume to Cristin DeRonja, Executive Director