Forensic Interviewer

Overall Objective: To provide developmentally and culturally appropriate and legally defensible forensic interviews of children and adolescents involved in cases of alleged abuse. Duties and Responsibilities to include but not limited to: • Essential understanding of NCA and CACGA standards and implementation of best practices • Coordinate interview schedules with members of the multidisciplinary team • Conduct forensic interviews of children and adolescents involved in cases of alleged abuse per established protocol • Obtain information regarding allegations in conjunction with investigators • Facilitate pre/post interview multidisciplinary case staffing with team investigators• Ensure the psychosocial well-being of the child through the interview process • Educate team members as needed regarding the forensic interview process and abuse dynamics • Enter case and interview data into the case tracking system • Participate in Multidisciplinary Team Case Review and present cases when requested• Provide testimony regarding cases in criminal and/or juvenile court when necessary• Participate in supervision, peer review, professional development and on-going training activities• Other duties as assigned  Education and Experience Requirements: Master’s degree and two years professional experience in a related field preferred. Certification and/or training in forensic interviewing through a nationally recognized and accepted organization or university and approved by NCA/NCAC/APSAC etc.. Position involves interviewing children and adolescents regarding allegations of abuse, working collaboratively with a multi-­‐disciplinary team (i.e. law enforcement, CPS, medical staff, therapists, prosecution) and testifying in court as an expert witness pertaining to abuse and trauma. Timely, detailed, concise documentation required. Excellent written and oral communication and interpersonal skills required. Knowledge of the dynamics of child abuse and child development needed, as well as the ability to engage children of all ages in an interview type setting. Ability to cope in highly intense situation and conduct self in professional manner. Proficiency in Microsoft Office. Experience and education required. Fluency in Spanish or other foreign language preferred. Accountability: All positions are under the general supervision of the Executive Director.