About the National CAC Staffing and Salary Survey

First completed in 2021, the National CAC Staffing and Salary Survey gathers detailed information about compensation, benefits, workload, and turnover across all staff roles at CACs nationally. NCA is updating and reprising the survey in 2024 in order to understand trends in staffing and compensation in the field over time. For the survey to accurately tell the story of the field, its professionals, and its financial needs, NCA needs to hear from every CAC. Each CAC is unique, and the factors that are related to staffing and compensation vary.  Therefore, every CAC leader is encouraged to participate in the survey by submitting a response for their organization.


Information to participate in our 2024 Children’s Advocacy Center National Staffing and Salary Survey will be available soon. Check back within the week for more. 


How CACs and Chapters can use the data

The 2021 Staffing and Salary report is a commonly requested resource at NCA.  CAC leadership can use data from the new report to:

  • Educate their board and donors about the resources needed to adequately support their organization.
  • Plan salary schedules, evaluate compensation policies, assess caseloads, and identify gaps and strengths at individual CACs.
  • Bolster the argument for greater support from funders and legislatures.

Sign up to participate in the National CAC Staffing and Salary Survey 

Every Accredited, Associate / Developing, and Affiliate NCA Member CAC will receive a personalized link to the 2024 Staffing and Salary Survey via email on May 6th.  Watch your inbox for the invitation and check your spam or junk folders if you don’t see the email.  CAC leaders can also reach out to Erin Casey at ecasey@nca-online.org to receive their personalized link.


More about the Survey

National CAC Staffing and Salary Survey learning goals

Results from the survey will be used to create a comprehensive report for the field.  We will share median salaries and salary ranges for each kind of staff role at CACs.  We will do this on a national level, but also by region, CAC size/budget, and whether CACs are primarily urban or rural-serving so that CAC leaders can compare their own organization’s information to that of comparable peers.

We will also share information such as:

  • Average caseloads for different staff roles, and CACs’ perceptions of appropriate caseloads.
  • Rates of turnover in the field across different staff roles.
  • Unmet staffing needs in the field.
  • A demographic profile of staff and leadership in the field.

Information needed to complete the Survey

Before taking the survey, it will be helpful for CAC leaders to gather some information.

If you don’t have everything in the below list, that is OK! CACs are encouraged to complete as much of the survey as they can. In particular, it will be helpful to locate:

  • Annual budget and a breakdown of the portion of the budget dedicated to salaries, benefits, and services contracts.
  • A roster of all CAC staff and their positions, salaries, FTE, years in their role, and self-reported gender and racial identities.
  • Information about the number of forensic interviews, medical exams, advocacy clients, and mental health services clients from the past year.

How long does the Survey take?

Last time NCA did the survey in 2021, CAC leaders typically spent 30-60 minutes locating information needed for the survey.  Once information is compiled, the survey typically takes 15-30 minutes to complete online.  We know this is a big ask at a busy time, and really appreciate your help with this effort!

When is the Survey due?

The survey is due Friday, June 7, 2024.  You can start and stop the survey multiple times – the survey platform will save your progress.  By June 7h, we ask everyone to finish the survey and hit submit!


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