What does it take to outshine the shadows, the kind of shadows where shame and secrecy hide?

The SHINE Campaign is a recognition that, to survivors of abuse, the world can seem dark. But we believe there is hope: survivors are not alone, broken, or lost causes. There is a universe of support, and Child Advocacy Centers are beacons of light in that universe. The transformational stories start with a spark, and then it grows. Someone says that’s me: I am an advocate, I am an ally, I am a survivor.

Together we SHINE so survivors and allies alike can see that light is all around them.

I see you. I support you. I am with you.

We invite you to join the SHINE Campaign and share your light.


CACs can participate in the SHINE Campaign in many ways. This toolkit is a basic entry point into the campaign. There are low-cost or no-cost ideas, as well as some basic ways to work within a budget. If you want to do more, you can connect with our CAC Toolkit or Chapter Toolkit, but this toolkit provides the easiest access points to get involved. We’ve broken it down into three sections:

  1. Joining SHINE on Social Media
  2. Joining SHINE through Print and Advertising
  3. Creating a SHINE Experience in Your Community


Many campaigns in the past have focused on explaining and touting the value of the CAC model. The SHINE Campaign is different. It gets us back to the roots of why CACs exist in the first place: because we believe having a safe way to tell your story is the first step to healing. And there’s a whole universe of advocates and allies out there: individuals who may have experienced abuse themselves as children, allies who love someone who experienced abuse, and people who dedicate their work to helping children. Many of these people don’t know CACs exist. There’s power in connecting these people to CACs, and the SHINE Campaign gives them an access point to do that. We’ve already heard so many powerful stories of individuals who encountered the SHINE Campaign—through social media, through an event, or through a conversation—who now are connected as donors or Board members or advocates to the CAC in their community.

Joining SHINE on Social Media

One of the primary vehicles of the SHINE Campaign is social media. Social media has become a powerful tool for storytelling and connection. How can you get involved?

  1. Follow the SHINE Campaign page on Facebook and Instagram. Here you will find stories of survivors and allies, similar to the style used in Humans of New York. You will also find articles that support the values of the campaign. Share posts on your CAC’s page from these pages.
  2. Change your CAC’s profile pic and cover photo on social media platforms to the ones here. The more individuals see SHINE imagery, the more they will begin to connect with the campaign.
  3. Do your own storytelling campaign. You can review the format we use in our stories, or you can check out the Humans of New York posts. Remember, these stories are about a common thread in the human experience. We always tell stories that are honest, relatable, and respect the person’s dignity
  4. Take photos of supporters and allies holding selfie signs, and share them on social media.
  5. Create a calendar of social media calendar posts you want to use in April. We’ve created these social media memes you can use. You can also draw from earlier SHINE Campaign posts, selfie sign photos, storytelling content, as well as any of your own content that fits in with the campaign. Don’t forget to use the campaign hashtag #SHINE.

Joining SHINE Through Print and Advertising

We’ve created lots of resources for you to use to spread the SHINE Campaign. All these assets are locked with a space for you to add your CAC’s logo. Here are some ideas about how to use these resources in an impactful way.

  1. Print out these posters, rack cards, or flyers. You can take them to local businesses, community partners, and put them up in community spaces.
  2. Live in a city? We’ve created subway and bus shelter graphics you can use if you have a budget to advertise in these spaces, or if you’ve been gifted in-kind space. We have also included digital versions of the graphics if that’s the format of the ad space.
  3. Wheatpaste posters are a great way to get the SHINE message out. Look for public spaces with lots of pedestrians, and get permission from the property owners (or the city, if it’s public owned space) to share the SHINE message.
  4. Billboards are a great way to create a point of contact for many people. It’s common for billboard companies to make unrented space available to nonprofits. All you have to pay for is the billboard printing and the cost to light the billboard.


Creating a SHINE Experience in Your Community

One of the most compelling things about the SHINE Campaign is when it becomes a way for people to connect in real life. Below are a few ways we’ve seen CACs successfully implement SHINE experiences in their community.

  1. Create a SHINE pledge wall. At NCA’s 2018 Leadership Conference, we introduced the SHINE Campaign using a real, live “Pledge Wall”—essentially a moveable, reusable banner the size of a small wall that asked people to pledge to #SHINE for survivors in their communities. Since then we’ve seen this replicated at CACs across the country. Check out this helpful guide on creating your own SHINE pledge wall. We’ve created a few different sizes. Find the one that works for your community. The pledge stickers linked below can be sent to a printer. These are sized at 4” so there’s enough room to write on the sticker. If you don’t have a budget to print a vinyl banner and stickers, some CACs have used a big cork board and covered it in black paper with a SHINE header at the top. You could also hang a big black sheet, do your own yellow lettering, print the 8.5×11” of pledge cards, cut them out, and affix them with tape or a straight pin.
  2. The SHINE Campaign message can be powerfully carried by sharing enamel pins or buttons with community members. Here is a guide from NCA about how to order enamel pins. You can buy or borrow your own button making machine, or you can order buttons online.  
  3. Remember those selfie signs we mentioned in the social media section? We’re linking them here, too, because selfie signs are a great way to engage with the public. Have an art walk event? Or a community fair? Set up a table with selfie signs and get community members to pose for photos. You can post them to your social media, or ask them to link to the hashtag #SHINE. It’s a great way to initiate conversation with people in your community about the value of the campaign.