Act Now for CACs

Action Alert: Sign on to our letter asking congressional leaders to protect VOCA funding for CACs, families, and children. The deadline for your agency to sign the letter is Friday, August 25!

Finding a way to address cuts to the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funding that CACs depend on to serve children continues to be our top government affairs priority here at National Children’s Alliance. Together, we can demand and create long-term VOCA fiscal solvency to provide the services kids need.

While NCA has expanded it lobbying efforts specifically to address VOCA cuts and ultimately VOCA sustainability, in the near term, we are also again joining forces with other national victim service advocates to urge Congress to address the possible FY24 cuts being proposed in this year’s Commerce, Justice, Science appropriations bills.

It’s time to be heard. Sign our letter and let our elected officials know how important VOCA is to survivors!

Tell Congress: find a solution for the VOCA crisis and ensure level funding in FY 24 of at least $1.9 billion. We urge organizations to sign onto this letter using this form and share with your networks. We can only accept organizations as signers. The deadline for signing on is Friday, August 25.

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