January 13, 2021
Reflection of the US Capitol in lightly windswept water


It’s not often we make public statements about news events not directly related to our work of serving child victims of abuse. Yet what took place here in Washington, D.C., last week was no ordinary event. Just blocks from my house and to National Children’s Alliance headquarters here on Capitol Hill, a violent mob stormed …

April 7, 2020
Kids and families need our support in stressful times.


Welcome to April. As I normally do in April, I want to focus on the fact that it is National Child Abuse Awareness Month—but this year, under these extraordinary circumstances, the designation takes on an even greater and more urgent significance. We know that, under the best of circumstances, it is challenging to protect the …

October 21, 2019
Family time: a woman and girl are smiling as they use a tablet computer together. Photo by Michael Morse from Pexels.

For Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs), family engagement refers to the process of family members accepting a referral for mental health treatment, then attending and participating in that treatment to successful completion. CAC staff know the importance of mental health treatment to help children and families who have experienced trauma heal from that trauma.  We also …

October 8, 2019
A family of four, with a little boy and little girl, walk hand in hand.

The original mission of Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) was to improve a community’s response to the investigation of child abuse. The advances in our knowledge of trauma and the availability of mental health treatments effective in reducing the negative impact of trauma expanded the focus of CACs to include helping children and families heal. In …