NCA and Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) are pleased to present a three-part webinar series on financial sustainability designed specifically for Accredited Chapters. In the three webinars recorded below, NFF experts presented the basic concepts and principles of nonprofit economics, financial planning, and management best practices. These recordings arm participants with a common language with which to engage in the accelerator, including discussion about the financial drivers and dynamics of the CAC field.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish a common baseline of information and language with which to prepare for the accelerator;
  • Enable Chapter leadership to begin to think about and articulate the needs, challenges and opportunities in the field affecting the financial health and performance of their agency; and
  • Inform discussion and dialogue among Chapter leaders at the accelerator.

To Access the Webinars

In the frame below the title you wish to watch, enter the password NCANFF to access the webinars. You’re free to share them with your staff, board, and teams, but please do not share this content outside your organization.

Please watch the webinars now—per the terms of our contract with NFF, the recordings will be removed from our website after one year, in October 2018.


Part I – Operating in a Flawed System: The Basics of Nonprofit Finance

The rules of money are often reversed in the nonprofit sector. This webinar present an overview of the foundational concepts and principles guiding nonprofit finance and strategic financial management and planning, and provide a functional understanding of the challenging economic system in which nonprofits operate, such as revenue restrictions and mission-driven business models. Participants will learn key terms and concepts to help them articulate their Chapter’s’ financial condition and needs, and best practices for operating in this “flawed system”.


Part II – Assessing Nonprofit Financial Health: Uncovering Your Financial Story

To make good decisions, leaders not only need accurate, up-to-date, and clear financial information, but also the ability to interpret and use this data to inform decision making. This webinar will explore the fundamentals of nonprofit finance so that Chapter leaders feel better equipped to interpret nonprofit financial statements (paying special attention to the balance sheet and income statement) and assess their organization’s financial position.


Part III – Build v. Buy: Philanthropic Equity and the Difference Between Capital and Revenue

To be well capitalized, a nonprofit needs to address three key components of financial health: liquidity, adaptability, and durability. In other words, nonprofit organizations need cash on hand to support operations and manage risk; separate funds to support major changes to the business model or programming; and adequate resources to support long-term infrastructure upkeep and durability. This webinar will address the basics of capitalization and key distinctions between the types of resources (“build” money vs. “buy” money) that can help organizations achieve their goals.


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