FBI Partnership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


How will the MOU and FBI Forensic Interview Protocol be distributed?

The FBI Forensic Interviewing protocol is currently in review by FBI legal. The protocol is similar to the Michigan State protocol and has been accepted as an NCA approved protocol.  This document will be available in the member’s section of NCA’s website at a later date.


If our center does not record interviews can we still be part of the MOU?

Yes; however, this capacity will be relayed to the FBI.


How many Forensic Interviewers does the FBI currently have?

There are currently 11 interviewers distributed regionally throughout the U.S.


If we are an Associate or Developing member of NCA, can we participate with the MOU?

At this time, the MOU is for NCA Accredited Centers. NCA encourages the continuation of established relationship between the FBI and Associate or Developing centers.


Is there funding available to assist with the FBI MOU?

Not at this time.


Who can we contact for additional information?

Please contact Heather Provencher at hprovencher@nca-online.org.

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