Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

The APRN is responsible for providing forensic medical examinations and treatment for children and adolescents referred to the Durant Children’s Center for evaluation of suspected physical or sexual abuse. 1.  Conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation, including medical history and physical exam for children and adolescents suspected of being abused and produce a timely medical report following the exam.2.  Conduct appropriate medical lab tests on patients, review the results, and take appropriate medical action when test results are abnormal.3.  Contact official investigators regarding the medical evaluation and follow-up of patients.4.  Contact referring physicians regarding the medical evaluation and follow-up of patients by written communication and by phone, if needed.5.  Oversee the relationship between the out-patient laboratory and the medical services of the Durant Center.6.  Oversee the Medical Assistant in her duties.7.  Take photographs as appropriate in the medical evaluation of patients and supervise the medical assistant in her duties to make a permanent record of such digital photos on a CD.  Ensure that needed printed or CD copies of the images are given to official investigators.8.  Treat all STDs identified be tests at Durant Center and assure that follow-up tests and medical care are provided either at Durant or another medical office in a timely manner.9.  Make appropriate referrals for services not provided at Durant.10. Use standard medical equipment and the colposcope in a proficient manner.11. Participate in the weekly case reviews with the Center’s program staff.12.  Participate in county MDT meetings to provide medical input on cases of suspected abuse.13.  Take call on nights and weekends in cooperation with other professionals at the Durant Center.14.  Teach community groups, professionals, and students in-training to be professionals about child abuse, in didactic formats and in clinical teaching.15. Support community education component of the progrm with presentations to community, social, civic and faith-based organizations upon request.16. Participate in continuing medical/nursing education to maintain proficiency and to maintain credentials for practice in SC.