Public Awareness For Your CAC

NCA member benefits & resources that help improve your practice, from gaining and maintaining the accreditation that speaks to funders and lawmakers, to tools to benchmark your programs, to trainings and programs that help your CAC serve kids better.

Customizable campaigns + brand assets

You need to get the word out about the great work you do, but you don’t have time to develop a campaign from scratch. Access the NCA BrandFolder and get much more than ready-made, customizable campaigns shared by your fellow CACs. You’ll also get a library of stock photos, fonts, editable documents, and much more. Plus, if you’re accredited, you’ll get special credentials to make sure you have your Accredited Member Badge. Log in now. Need a username and password? Contact to get access.

PR tools

Even in the age of social media, getting your message out through newspapers, TV, radio, and magazines is usually the easiest way to reach millions and move public opinion. See our Media Room for our press kit, statistics about child abuse, and more.

Child abuse statistics

Sometimes the easiest way to understand the scope of the problem of child abuse is to see the numbers. Check out our national child abuse statistics here for help drafting stories and getting attention to solve a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of kids every year.

Need help?

Need help deciding how to respond to a reporter or a story in the press? Think you might be getting inquiries soon? No worries, NCA is here to help our members respond to critical incidents that may have potential to end up in the news. All NCA members experiencing crises must file a Critical Incident Report (CIR) with us—then we can help you plan a response that shows your CAC is above board and on top of the situation. See our resources and instructions on crisis communications, or reach out to Blake Warenik at any time for questions about PR or media relations.

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