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NCA member benefits & resources that help improve your practice, from gaining and maintaining the accreditation that speaks to funders and lawmakers, to tools to benchmark your programs, to trainings and programs that help your CAC serve kids better.

In-Person Events

  • Discounted registration for NCA’s annual Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.
  • Free registration for NCA’s annual Urban Forum (for CAC executive directors in urban areas)
  • Free registration and travel for NCA’s biannual Chapter Summit (for State Chapter executive directors; free registration for one staff member)
  • Free registration and travel for NCA’s annual New Chapter Leader Orientation (for new State Chapter executive directors)
  • Opportunities to present, exhibit, and learn at these events
  • Access to discounted conference hotel rates for all NCA events
  • Free registration for NCA’s annual Outcome Measurement System training (for Chapter leaders and staff)
  • NCA’s annual Hill Day visit to Congressional offices, where CACs connect with federal legislators to win the public resources kids deserve
  • Other member-exclusive, in-person trainings as funding permits

Online Training & Technical Assistance

Opportunities to learn and present on year-round topical webinars:

  • Communications & Marketing
  • Fundraising & Finance
  • Serving Special Populations
  • Program Evaluation & Data
  • Public Policy & Advocacy
  • CSEC & Trafficking

Digital training tools & resources on:

  • Accreditation
  • CSEC & Trafficking
  • NCAtrak& Outcome Measurement System
  • Nonprofit & Organizational Management
  • Fundraising & Finance

National blogging opportunities to share your knowledge and build your expert standing

Online Communities (Listservs)

Ask questions and share resources on NCA’s Listserv communities for:

  • All NCA Member CACs
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Chapters (for eligible State Chapter Organizations)
  • Urban CACs (for eligible CACs serving urban areas)

First access to NCA’s future connected communities and digital resource libraries (forthcoming)

Collaborative Work Groups

Member-exclusive access to join national, peer-led Collaborative Work Groups where you and other experts work to develop innovative projects that uplift the entire movement:

  • Youth and Children with Problematic Sexual Behaviors
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • State Chapter Organizations

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