Snapshot 2017: Advocacy, Efficacy, and Funding in CACs

The most complete look at the CAC movement ever taken.

Snapshot 2017: Advocacy, Efficacy, and Funding in CACs is the product of a trove of valuable information provided by hundreds of our member Children’s Advocacy Centers across the country; NCA’s expertise in advocacy, fundraising, and capacity-building; and our movement’s passion for serving children. In it, we explore and share

  • Public & private support opportunities available to CACs
  • Characteristics & secrets of the highest-performing CACs
  • Benchmarks CACs & states can use to measure the success of our common quest to serve all children to the highest standards

Click here to view Snapshot 2017Snapshot 2017 is a report that provides data and primary information on how Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) are organized and funded, and identifies the key characteristics and attributes of high-performing CACs. This report was commissioned by the Ben and Lucy Ana Fund of the Walton Family Foundation and prepared by National Children’s Alliance. The report is intended to provide a range of informational sources and datasets collected from CACs across the United States and to compare national trends to those of CACs operating in individual states.

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The report shows how Children’s Advocacy Center programs and services are paid for, who is paying for them, and how centers can most effectively and sustainably provide services to their clients. There are three areas of focus within the report:

  1. Policy & Regulatory Landscape Affecting CAC Operations,
  2. CAC Organization, Funding Sources, & Sustainability; and
  3. Effective Organizational Characteristics & Practices.

The report also includes custom data tables for CACs in all 50 states, including budget, funding sources, service delivery, and demographic information and more. Read yours now starting on page 32.

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With questions about getting involved with or finding assistance with legislative advocacy efforts in support of CACs, contact Denise Edwards, director of government relations, at

With questions about funding sustainability and private support for CACs, contact John Douglas, development manager, at

With questions about census data and methodology, contact Kaitlin Lounsbury, Outcome Measurement System coordinator, at