How can using OMS help my center and the CAC movement?

There are many benefits of using OMS:

  • Use the same tools as over 700 CACs and benchmark your performance against others in the field
  • Give caregivers and MDT members a voice in the CAC process
  • Demonstrate the tangible impact of your services
  • Highlight areas of excellence
  • Pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Increase the CAC’s ability to secure and maintain funding
  • Provide data points to raise public awareness of your CAC

Since 2012, centers across the United States and a growing number of international locations have collected over 200,000 surveys for OMS.  Results of the surveys have been consistently positive, confirming the value of CACs for children, caregivers, multidisciplinary team members, and the wider communities they serve.  However, the surveys also identify potential areas for improvement, allowing the centers to find new ways to meet the needs of their stakeholders.

To learn more about the national results from OMS, check out the 2016 Annual OMS Reports.


Thinking of Joining OMS?

Join over 700 CACs that have embraced the power of shared outcomes through OMS!

All NCA member CACs are eligible to participate in the program.  Best of all, there are no extra fees for OMS if you are an NCA member.  NCA offers all the training, technical assistance, and any other support your center might need, free of charge for our members.

Check out this brochure about OMS, then contact your Chapter (each Chapter has a designated person coordinating the project within their state, often the Chapter Director) or contact NCA’s Program Evaluation Coordinator, Kaitlin Lounsbury, at when you are ready to get started.  We can also provide you with more information about the program and copies of the surveys to help you make your decision.

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