2022 NCA Cooperative Agreement

The Cooperative Agreement is the official agreement between the awarded agency and National Children’s Alliance (NCA). It acknowledges that the awarded agency accepts the funding awarded by NCA and will follow all the requirements and abide by all special conditions for the grant year. The CA needs to be submitted to NCA following the Grantee Award Notification (GAN).

Please submit the Cooperative Agreement no later than February 4, 2022.

For instructions on how to sign your document electronically, click here.  Please DO NOT type names in the signature field.

After completing this document, save it as a PDF file using the file name “[Your grant’s AWARD NUMBER] Cooperative Agreement”.  (ex. WASH-DC-2OC22 Cooperative Agreement or WASH-DC-2SP22 Cooperative Agreement)

Then upload it to the grantee portal using the link below.

Once logged in click on the “Requirements” link at the top left corner.  Under “Form Name”, go to the “Cooperative Agreement” link.  Scroll down the page “Grant Information” and hit next.  Please upload your document using the “Browse” and “Upload” buttons.  Scroll down the page to “Review and Submit” and go to the next page.  After reviewing your submission please go down the page and hit “Submit” again.  After a successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please keep it for your files as well as a copy of your uploaded Cooperative Agreement.

Mailed, faxed, or emailed copies will not be accepted.

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