Improve Your OMS Experience: Training Materials For Collecting Data

NCA’s Outcome Measurement System (OMS), hosted by Qualtrics, allows centers to collect essential feedback from families and team members and use this information to make data-driven decisions.  Every participating center has access to a Qualtrics reporting dashboards with real-time results of their feedback surveys.  The system also allows centers to filter results to look at select groups or timeframes, as well as benchmark performance against state, regional, and national results. NCA has developed a wide range of training materials to help your center make the best use of OMS.  Please use the information below to explore these resources.


Do you need training information for OMS?

Are you just starting with OMS at your center?  Have you been using OMS for some time, but want some ideas for boosting participation or using results?

Check out our list of training materials on our OMS Documents page or view/attend a training through information on our OMS Webinars page.

OMS Documents

OMS Webinars


Do you need to access your center’s online account for OMS?

The online system for OMS is through Qualtrics, not the main NCA website.  You will only be able to access your center’s online account if you have already signed up to participate and your email address is the designated login (or you have login information you are sharing with a colleague).

If you already have an account for OMS in Qualtrics, please go to, enter the designated email address (also called “username” in some places), and the password.  If you do not know the password, use the Forgot Password? button and follow the prompts to receive a password reset email to set up a password.  Once the password is set up, please feel free to share the login information with any staff at your organization needing access to the reports.

If you do not know your center’s username/email address associated with the OMS account, do NOT attempt to create a new account on your own.  Please contact our Membership team at so we can check the current information and make changes, if needed, for you to get access.

Please keep in mind that your reporting dashboards only give you access to survey results.  To collect/enter surveys themselves, you must have direct links to each survey type.  Qualtrics links are included in your center’s OMS Start-Up Email if you just joined recently or you can contact to request your center’s links by email.

Resources in this section will continue to grow as we hear from the centers about what you would find most helpful.  Do you have ideas for additional training resources we could offer to CACs participating in OMS?  Let us know!  Contact to share your ideas.

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