NCA Staff Branding Resources

Document templates, deep resources, and how-tos designed to help NCA staff live our brand

You’re already a pro at living our brand! From interviews through orientation through your everyday interaction with our members and supporters, you and everyone else here on the NCA team have internalized our values. You’ve learned (or are learning!) to talk the talk through our messaging. But many still want to know: how can we make our public-facing documents, like PowerPoint presentations, agendas, and one-pagers look like the high-quality, attractively branded NCA pieces they should be?

It’s easier than you think to make beautiful, branded NCA documents. Here are some templates and other resources you can use to make sure your slide decks and handouts meet our brand standards, and start on your path to becoming an NCA brand superuser!

NCA Brand Guidelines

Here’s a great place to start. In NCA’s Brand Guidelines, you’ll learn how to use our logo, define our color palette, select photos, and apply “flair” and other graphic elements. On page 53, it also has our messaging info in case you need a refresher.

NEW! Guide to NCA Badges

National Children’s Alliance (NCA) now supplements the longstanding Accredited Member and Accredited Chapter Badges with a new suite of recognition insignia. Badges are now available for all levels of NCA members, plus NCA’s partners and supporters of every kind.

Check out this new badge guide for details and a cheat sheet on how to help members, partners, and supporters access their recognition badges and display them with pride!

NCA Slide Deck Template

If you’re giving a presentation on behalf of NCA, here’s your starting point. Use this branded 16:9 PowerPoint template to get your point across and use NCA’s branding consistently.

NCA Document Template

Whether it’s for a meeting agenda, a simple handout, or other simple document needs, this Word template makes NCA branding consistency come easy.

Just make sure to follow the preset styles and use the heading levels logically (e.g., everything that’s heading style 3 is a subcategory of the heading style 2 that’s directly above it!).

NCA's BrandFolder

Our BrandFolder is the place for both NCA staff and our members to locate all of our public awareness resources and our brand assets, including appropriate NCA logos and badges for Accredited Members and Chapters. Inside, you’ll find logos, colors, stock images, and public awareness campaign information

Our staff login for BrandFolder is as follows:

password: kiddos516

Please don’t share this login with those outside NCA staff, even with members. Members looking for their Accredited Member Badge or “the logo” for their materials should be directed to so they get access to the appropriate membership status recognition for their level.


Before-and-After Messaging Guide: Messaging to Members

This research-based guide for NCA staff shows how to engage member CAC leaders and staff using messages that matter, based on their feedback 

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