Forensic Child Interviewer and Family Support Specialist

Job Announcement
Child Forensic Interviewer and Family Support Specialist

Liberty House is recruiting for a Child Forensic Interviewer and Family Support Specialist and seeks a talented, experienced and energetic professional to complement its current staff. The purpose of this recruitment is to establish a pool of qualified candidates. Start date to be determined based on mutual agreement.

Classification: 1 FTE – Exempt. Salaried. Full time.

The Organization:
Liberty House is a private, nonprofit child abuse assessment center serving Marion and Polk Counties. Liberty House opened in 1999 and is a well-established organization. Clinic team members work closely with the District Attorneys’ offices in both counties by coordinating multidisciplinary evaluation and intervention services for children referred for concerns of abuse and neglect (Oregon Revised Statutes 418.747). With a budget of over $2 million, we serve more than 600 children and family members each year, providing medical evaluations, child forensic interviews, family support, case consultations and referral services. Other programs include courtesy case review, community education, and professional training.

Liberty House works in close collaboration with local law enforcement agencies, Child Welfare, the District Attorney’s offices in Marion and Polk Counties, and the medical and mental health communities. Liberty House is currently expanding its physical plant and professional team in order to serve a greater number of children.

Liberty House is a nonprofit corporation organized under IRS Code 501(c)(3). Employment with Liberty House may make the employee eligible for eventual forgiveness of student loans issued under The William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program.

Position Summary:
The Child Forensic Interviewer and Family Support Specialist is a member of the Clinical Team, conducting child forensic interviews, family support activities, and community education.

Basic Functions and Responsibilities of the Position:
Forensic Interviewing (50%)
• Conduct sensitive and thorough interviews, assessments, and screenings of children for whom there are concerns of child abuse or neglect; this includes providing support in medical examination and conducting digitally recorded child interviews, as appropriate.
• Obtain information in a forensically sound, neutral manner that meets legal requirements for evidence and meets social service needs for protection and treatment.
• Provide case planning, coordination and follow up services.
Family Support (40%)
• Provide family support services in a culturally sensitive manner.
• Conduct family needs assessment focused on victimization and secondary issues.
• As needed, provide therapeutic crisis intervention/stabilization for family and child.
• As needed, assist caregivers in formulating a safety plan.
• Provide education regarding abuse dynamics and clarification of victim and perpetrator roles, and how to support child toward healing when appropriate.
• Provide information and support regarding criminal justice and child protection systems.
• When providing family support, observe portion of child interview to assist in making treatment recommendations and to provide assurance to caregiver.
Other Duties (10%)
• Participate in quality assurance reviews, peer reviews and case consultation.
• Conduct community education.
• Testify in court if necessary.
• Complete all required reports in a timely manner.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Functions and Responsibilities as a Liberty House Team Member:
• Maintain required confidentiality in compliance with Liberty House policies, HIPAA, and State of Oregon multidisciplinary child abuse assessment team statutory requirements.
• Attend Liberty House Clinical Team meetings.
• Attend Liberty House staff meetings and annual staff retreat.
• Communicate professionally, respectfully, and supportively with internal team members, external partners, and board members.
• Promote a positive working environment by adhering to the Liberty House Code of Conduct.
• Conduct the business of Liberty House so as to maintain and increase its goodwill and reputation in the community, consistent with professional and ethical standards of behavior.

Required Education and Experience:
• A professional with a Master’s degree in social work, counseling, psychology, sociology, child development or related field and two or more years’ experience working with abused or neglected children;
• or a professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in social work, counseling, psychology, sociology, child development or related field and five or more years’ experience working with abused or neglected children;
• or a law enforcement officer with an advanced certificate from DPSST and a minimum of four years’ experience investigating sexual assault and child abuse.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Excellent communication skills.
• Experience with and knowledge about child abuse issues.
• Understanding of complex family dynamics.
• Experience with children.
• Ability to work effectively in complicated and/or crisis situations.
• Ability and willingness to work cooperatively as a team member with Liberty House staff, Board members and representatives from partnering agencies.
• Ability to communicate well with children and families, team members and partnering agencies.
• Ability to learn from observation of self and others, and to apply learning into improved practice.
• Ability to receive and deliver feedback effectively and regularly.
• Ability and willingness to establish and maintain positive working relationships.
• Experience with conducting interviews and family support services preferred.
• Candidate must be able to read and write English. Ability to converse and write in Spanish is strongly preferred.

Hours, Compensation and Benefits:
• Full-time, 40 hours per week Monday – Friday.
• Compensation: dependent upon education and experience.
• Benefit package: health insurance, fully-paid for employee; flexible spending plans; retirement match; eleven paid holidays, paid vacation and sick leave.

To Apply:
This position will remain open until it is filled. The first review of applications will take place on Monday, October 12, 2015.

Interested applicants should request a Liberty House job application form from:

Sally Wood
Chief Operating Officer
Liberty House
2685 4th St. NE
Salem, OR 97301
503-540-0288 ext. 118

Please return the completed application to Sally Wood. Please also submit a cover letter explaining why the applicant is interested in the job.

A State of Oregon criminal background check and a Department of Human Services Child Welfare background check is required for employment at Liberty House and will be completed for finalists.

Liberty House is an Equal Opportunity Employer