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Noah (he/him) is an autistic otter who loves retro games, animation, and spreading awareness on neurodivergency. Some could call him an Ott’ with Ott-ism! He is openly autistic and regularly… Continue Reading


MetroidCrime (she/any) is going to be playing Sonic the Hedgehog with Crowd Control! Chat can affect their game with donations, as they try to get through the game as fast… Continue Reading


Legislation NCA Supports NCA is committed to supporting its members at every level, including legislative advocacy efforts to support the work that we do and the children we serve.  … Continue Reading

2022 CAC Coverage Maps

National Children’s Alliance is dedicated to making Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) services available to every child in the country.  To monitor progress on this mission, NCA creates maps each year… Continue Reading

“General Conditions” for NCA Awards in 2024

2021 Electronic Chapter Grantee  Handbook Below is the information about the grantee guidelines as well as the 2021 required and additional grant forms that you will need to successfully administer… Continue Reading

New member benefit: Discount on PAR assessments

New discount available to Accredited and Associate CACs: Up to 25% off evidence-based assessments.   National Children’s Alliance is pleased to announce that we have partnered with PAR to offer… Continue Reading

Healing the Future

How the evidence-based mental healthcare CACs provide improves the lives of children. Child abuse and other forms of childhood trauma can have lifelong effects on children, families, and communities. Many… Continue Reading

Help Kids Smile Again

  If you’re under 18, find your CAC. Each year, our 822 Children’s Advocacy Centers—CACs—provide healing, justice, and safety for more than 324,000 young people who are experiencing abuse or… Continue Reading

NCAtrak Demos: New Features in Jan. 2018

Below, please find an index of short video demos explaining how to use the new NCAtrak features added in the second release in January 2018. With questions or for additional… Continue Reading

Membership Benefits

Welcome to NCA! Whether you’ve been with us for years, are just coming on board, or are thinking about taking the plunge, let’s make sure NCA is helping you participate… Continue Reading